Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018

  • Dynamic Thiol/Disulphide Homeostasis in Patients with Vaginitis

    Raziye Desdicioglu, Melahat Yildirim, Betul Ozbek, Gokhan Kılıc, Ozcan Erel, Ayse Filiz Yavuz

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018
    Pages: 1-5
    Received: 5 December 2017
    Accepted: 15 December 2017
    Published: 16 January 2018
    Abstract: This study investigated the thiol-disulphide balance in vaginitis, which is a local inflammatory condition, through the use of a new method. A cross-sectional study involving 82 women (45 women with vaginitis and 37 women in control group) was conducted at Ataturk Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey from February 2016 to April 2016. The... Show More
  • Severe Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia in the Service of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Regional Teaching Hospital of Ouahigouya (RTHO): Clinical, Therapeutic and Evolutive Aspects

    Ouedraogo Issa, Sawadogo Yobi Alexis, Sib Sansan Rodrigue, Kain Paul Dantola, Zamané Hyacinthe, Kiemtoré Sibraogo, Ouattara Adama, Sanogo Moussa, Abdou Aboubacary, Kaboré Sidbéwenné Yacinthe, Ouedraogo Ali, Bonané-Thieba Blandine

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018
    Pages: 6-10
    Received: 21 January 2018
    Accepted: 1 February 2018
    Published: 6 March 2018
    Abstract: We present a study to the clinical, therapeutic and evolutive aspects of severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in the service of obstetrics and gynaecology of regional teaching hospital of Ouahigouya. We have conducted a descriptive and analytical study with retrospective data collection within 3 years, from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2015. We ... Show More
  • Body Stalk Syndrome: Case Follow Up and Literature Review

    Joaquín Bustillos, Cinthia Cruz, Tatiana Quijano, Pablo Parra, Eugenio Calderón, Verónica Saborío, Jorge Mora

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018
    Pages: 11-14
    Received: 1 February 2018
    Accepted: 16 February 2018
    Published: 15 March 2018
    Abstract: A case of body stalk anomaly which was diagnosed at 17 weeks of gestation is presented on a second trimester sonography after an abnormal first trimester scan and second opinion review. The fetus displayed multiple anomalies characteristic of body stalk syndrome including abdominal wall defect (omphalocele), kyphoscoliosis, fetal dismorphology and ... Show More