Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016

  • History of Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection Threatens Fertility in Women with Unilateral Tubal Occlusion

    Satoko Goa, Keiichi Kumasawa, Masaaki Ono, Takeshi Taniguchi

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 34-37
    Received: 18 August 2016
    Accepted: 12 September 2016
    Published: 8 October 2016
    Abstract: Tubal factors are associated with infertility. To evaluate the influence of past Chlamydial infections on female fertility with unilateral tubal occlusion, we compared the cumulative pregnancy rate of Chlamydia antibody seropositive women with those who are seronegative. A retrospective, case-controlled study was designed. A total of 54 consecutive... Show More
  • Management of Proliferative Endometrium on Biopsy in Post-Menopausal Women

    Sidharth Srinivas, Sachchidananda Maiti, Perunkulam Jothilakshmi

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 38-43
    Received: 4 September 2016
    Accepted: 21 September 2016
    Published: 15 October 2016
    Abstract: Post-menopausal bleeding (PMB) is usually caused by several endometrial conditions (hyperplasia and carcinoma) for which there are evidence-based treatments. However, there is little literature and no evidence-based treatments for a finding of proliferative endometrium without atypia on Pipelle endometrial biopsy in women presenting with PMB. Our a... Show More
  • Magnitude of Safe Delivery Services Utilization and Associated Factors Among Women of Childbearing Age in Egela Sub-Woreda, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

    Andemariyam Yohannes, Teshome Gobana, Fitsum Araya, Nigusse Obse

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 44-52
    Received: 22 September 2016
    Accepted: 26 October 2016
    Published: 8 December 2016
    Abstract: In Ethiopia, the levels of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity are among the highest in the world. Community based studies about safe delivery service utilization are not enough. As per the few studies done, professional assisted delivery is low in the country and particularly in Tigray region where the study was conducted. Community based ... Show More
  • Discontinuation Pattern Among Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Users at Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria

    Anyaka Charles, Ocheke Amaka, Shambe Iornum, Kahansim Makshwar, Oyebode Tinuade, Pam Victor, Ekwempu Chinedu

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 53-56
    Received: 13 May 2016
    Accepted: 22 June 2016
    Published: 3 January 2017
    Abstract: Context: Despite the high uptake of the intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD), among family planning clients at Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), some users discontinued its use for a variety of reasons. Objectives: To determine the discontinuation rate and factors responsible among IUCD users in the hospital over a 3 year period. Study D... Show More
  • Postpartum Hysterectomy a Case Report of a Saving Life Surgery

    Alfredo de Almeida Cunha, Cláudio de Oliveira Soeiro, Sérgio Araujo Martins Teixeira, Emílio de Assis

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 57-61
    Received: 3 July 2016
    Accepted: 5 December 2016
    Published: 7 January 2017
    Abstract: Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is the most cause of maternal mortality all over the world important. Its prevalence is about 4 cases in 10,000 deliveries. However, the risk of maternal death is nearly 16% of all maternal deaths in developing countries, especially in Africa. It depends on the resources to stop bleeding, medical and surgical. The first ... Show More
  • Correlation Between Expressions of VEGF and CA-125 with Stage, Level of Differentiation and Histopathology Type of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

    Farid Abdullah, Syahrul Rauf, Nusratuddin Abdullah, Maisuri T. Chalid, Deviana S. Riu, Upik A. Miskad

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 62-67
    Received: 4 December 2016
    Accepted: 15 December 2016
    Published: 10 January 2017
    Abstract: Cancer Antigen (CA-125) is a tumor marker used to detect ovarian cancer. This study aims to determine the relationship of VEGF expression and the levels of CA-125 on primary tumor associated with stage, degree of differentiation and histopathological types of epithelial ovarian cancer. This study is an observational study with a cross sectional des... Show More
  • Bacterial Vaginosis as a Risk Factor for Preterm Labour-An Analysis of Age and Duration of Marriage

    Zaheera Saadia, Robina Farrukh, Sadia Asghar

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 68-71
    Received: 5 December 2016
    Accepted: 16 December 2016
    Published: 12 January 2017
    Abstract: Preterm labour is the onset of labour between ≥ 24 weeks to < 37 weeks of gestation. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a polymicrobial condition with predominant lactobacilli in the vaginal flora. It is an important risk factor for preterm labour with an incidence of 5-18% of all deliveries causing increased perinatal morbidity and mortality with subs... Show More
  • The Prevalence of Exclusive Breast Feeding and Associated Factors Among Mothers of Less than Two Years Children in Kurkur Kebele, Dessie Town

    Fikir Alebachew, Natnael Girma, Natnael Taye Tessema

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6, November 2016
    Pages: 72-80
    Received: 16 October 2016
    Accepted: 2 November 2016
    Published: 13 January 2017
    Abstract: Breast milk is the one and only natural, complete and complex nutrition for human infants. It is superior to any product given to a baby. It is immediately available, fresh, constant, and economical. It provides all infants nutritional and fluid needs in the first six months and is a perfect combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrate and fluids. N... Show More