Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2019, Page: 120-124
Influences of Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy on Selected Fetal Outcomes
Raguraman Sivalingarajah, Teaching Hospital Kandy, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Wimalasiri Abeykoon, Teaching Hospital Kandy, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Received: Jul. 11, 2019;       Accepted: Aug. 10, 2019;       Published: Aug. 23, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.jgo.20190704.15      View  674      Downloads  121
Weight gain in pregnant mothers has several influencing factors. Studies have shown that maternal weight gain influenced both maternal and fetal immediate and future outcomes. However, the recommended amount of weight gain for optimum maternal and fetal outcome is still uncertain. A cross sectional descriptive study was carried out at Teaching Hospital Kandy, for a period of one-year to describe the influence of maternal weight gain during pregnancy in selected fetal outcome such birth weight and APGAR score at birth. 425 participants with normal pre gestational BMI (18.5 kg/m2 - 24.9 kg/m2) were selected by a systematic random sampling technique. Medical disorders complicating pregnancies, twins, previous miscarriages and fetal abnormalities were excluded. Data was extracted from the antenatal record, bed head ticket and by measuring relevant variables (birth weight and APGAR score). Maternal age distributed from 17 to 43 years (Mean=27.97 years: SD=5.72 years). Maternal height distributed from 125cm to 172cm (Mean=154.4cm: SD=5.83cm). Pre pregnancy BMI distributed from 18.5 kg/m2 to 24.9 kg/m2 (Mean=21.67 kg/m2: SD=2.2 kg/m2). Maternal body weight at delivery distributed from 36 kg to 116 kg (Mean=63.8kg: SD= 11.82). Pregnancy weight gain distributed from 3.5kg to 24.5 kg (Mean=9.03kg: SD=3.87). Birth weight distributed from 1.24kg to 4.04 kg (Mean=2.93: SD=0.438). All exposure parameters had a positive linear correlation with birth weight. Almost all the study participants (N=423:99.5%) had achieved an APGAR score of >7 within 10 minutes of birth. In conclusion, maternal weight gain does not affect the birth weight of the newborn and no conclusion is derived on maternal weight gain causing any hypoxic situation at the time of birth. These findings are only applicable to normal pregnancies due to the exclusion criteria. Further studies are recommended with a larger sample size and a prospective cohort design with continuous follow up during the antenatal period.
Body Mass Index, Maternal Weight Gain, Birth Weight, APGAR Score
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