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Obstetric Perineal Morbidity After Clitoral Re-exposure (CR) in Patients Who Have Undergone Genital Mutilation: A Retrospective Study

Background: Female genital mutilation is a real public health problem in developing countries. the consequences of this practice are sometimes obstetric and are responsible for high maternal and perinatal mortality. Objective: To analyse the effect of clitoral re-exposure surgery in patients who have undergone female genital mutilation on obstetric perineal complications. Material and methods: This is a retrospective cohort study, exposed - unexposed, multi-centric, carried out in two university hospitals in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Yalgado-Ouédraogo and Bogodogo. We studied the first delivery of patients operated on for CR (exposed) between March 2006 and March 2019 (over 13 years), compared with a group of unexposed women (victims of unreconstructed FGM). A ratio of two unexposed women to one exposed woman was used. The two groups were comparable according to the matching criteria. Results: We included 44 patients who had given birth after CR and 88 non-operated (unexposed) patients. Patients who had undergone FGM had more perineal lesions during childbirth than patients who had undergone CR. In fact, women not operated on for CR were 2 times more likely to suffer a perineal tear than women operated on for CR (RR = 1.93; 95% CI (1.22-3.07); p = 0.005). The same applies to episiotomy, for which women not operated on for CR were 2.62 times more likely to undergo than women operated on for CR (RR=2.62; 95% CI (1.60-4.28), p=0.000). Conclusion: Clitoral re-exposure is associated with better obstetric perineal adaptation.

Clitoral Re-exposure, Perineal Morbidity, CHU-YO, CHU-B, Burkina Faso

APA Style

Adama, O., Laetitia, B., Yobi Alexi, S., Sibraogo, K., Issa, O., et al. (2023). Obstetric Perineal Morbidity After Clitoral Re-exposure (CR) in Patients Who Have Undergone Genital Mutilation: A Retrospective Study. Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 11(6), 168-173.

ACS Style

Adama, O.; Laetitia, B.; Yobi Alexi, S.; Sibraogo, K.; Issa, O., et al. Obstetric Perineal Morbidity After Clitoral Re-exposure (CR) in Patients Who Have Undergone Genital Mutilation: A Retrospective Study. J. Gynecol. Obstet. 2023, 11(6), 168-173. doi: 10.11648/j.jgo.20231106.18

AMA Style

Adama O, Laetitia B, Yobi Alexi S, Sibraogo K, Issa O, et al. Obstetric Perineal Morbidity After Clitoral Re-exposure (CR) in Patients Who Have Undergone Genital Mutilation: A Retrospective Study. J Gynecol Obstet. 2023;11(6):168-173. doi: 10.11648/j.jgo.20231106.18

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